My New Avatar, All About Me…


chocolateToday I made a new Avatar I would like too show you guys!!! My avatar would give you an idea on how I look. I hope you like it!

Hello Fellow bloggers and readers,

This blog post is going to be All About Me! Let’s get started! My blog name is Olivia but Olivia is my fake name. I’m sorry I can’t tell you my real one. I’m 11 years old. I just turned 11 in January. I’m in grade 5 in a French class. I have English classes each day. That’s when I work on my blog. My school is called St –Lawrence. I live in Candiac, Montreal, Quebec, Canada with my Dad, Mom and my 2 sisters. I know how to speak English, French and I know sigh language. Continue reading

Summer Is Finally Here!

Summer!!!I can’t believe it’s already summer vacation!!! I’m very exited! I can’t also believe that it’s the last day of school! Next year i’m in grade 6…One last year until high school… This is the last post you will see from me until next year. Do you have any special plans for summer vacation? What does summer make you think of? Please let me know in the comments. Have a MAGNIFICENT FUN summer!!!

Olivia 🙂

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Never Ending Post…

Rules: 1. Start at Wikipedia Simple English with one key word (topic). Copy down a few facts. Choose a second key word. 2. Use the Google search engine to find a site with the second key word. Choose a third key word. Keep repeating! The Ideal Post: Skips around from topic to topic. Demonstrates different search strategies (e.g. Google images, Google news, maps) or certain types of sites (e.g. digital encyclopedias, dictionaries).

Wikipedia Simple English: Giraffegiraffe

Link:   Facts: A giraffe is an mammal. Did you know
that giraffes have an even number of toes!


Google: Mammalmammal

Web Site: Mammals for kids Link:   Facts: Mammals are a class of animals. They are all warm-blooded.         Continue reading

5 Dollars Please… AND SOLD!

SOLDAs most of you know, this week is the garage sale! I am VERY exited! I am not sure if I’m doing it this weekend because I might be busy…if I’m not busy me and Isabelle Online are going to try to do the garage sale together! I can’t wait! If you don’t know what a garage sale is, it’s an activity that takes place on Saturday and Sunday, you find things in your house that you don’t  need and you sell them outside on your drive way or in your garage. If you are doing a garage sale, I hope  you  have fun! Are you doing a garage sale this week? Please let me know in the comments!

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